PCP offers clients expertise in rapid prototype development using the Unreal Engine 3.0 by Epic Games, as featured in Unreal Tournament 3 and Gears of War.

Our expertise combined with the power of the Unreal engine means we are capable of prototyping any kind of game you might have in mind. From side scroller, to platformer, to racer, to RPG to RTS, we know how to make the Unreal engine behave the way you need it to.

Whether it’s a prototype or a proof of concept you’re after, we can make it for you, and make it fast.

We’ll provide you with thorough documentation on how we achieved your feature list, and then provide your employees with all the documentation they would need to continue development with minimal effort.

Our skills cover many areas: UnrealScript, Level Design, Game Design, Art Direction, Character Modelling and Animation, Machinima, Research, and Interactive Storytelling.

PCP has worked with several academic institutions to develop curriculum content for modding the Unreal engine, specifically addressing the interactivity, aesthetics, and the business of mod development. PCP is currently employed by Swinburne University and is actively involved in developing course content.